Thinking about moving cross border

There’s been a lot going on in my life lately, so much so that I might be taking a really big step some times soon. It’s sad to say, and also admit that I’ve lost my job while the job market is rough, most of my family has moved north recently, and I’m slowly losing contact with all my friends due to them getting married, having kids, and moving elsewhere to start their lives. This got me thinking…what am I doing here? Is my current life really valuable to myself and others? I’m starting to think I’m just floating by since I’ve lost my job. That, paired with losing contact with everyone I used to see weekly has got me thinking it might be time to move. Start fresh in some place new, meet lots of new people and see new faces, and switch the job market. After much thought, Canada seems like the right place for me. Vancouver, specifically. My family has moved to Seattle, so driving across the border to visit will be no sweat at all, and if I go to visit my friends, it’s easy (and far cheaper) to drive down and fly out from Seattle rather than YVR.

Moving to a new country takes a lot of time, paper work, effort, and patience. It’s going to be a long tedious road, but I’m extremely excited about it!

I’ve devised a small list of things to make sure I do while in the process of moving. I’m hoping it might be of some help to some of my readers at some point in their life! Sure, this might not be my most exciting post, but it sure might be one of the most informative. Here’s a couple things I think are important during the process:

1) Find a good immigration lawyer in the city you want to move to (no matter what country you’re moving to).

You will need an immigration lawyer to assist you in getting a work permit/visa. If you speak a different language more fluently than English, I noticed that there are tons and tons of options for immigration lawyers in any language you may need. It’s good to have a contact as well in case you decide you want to become a citizen of that country at some point.

2) Familiarize yourself with the city you’re moving to.

It’s great to get familiar with where you’re going to be before you get there. Find out some attractions around the city, get acquainted with the downtown core, and look into public transit opportunities (if you don’t plan on having a car right away or at all). It’s nice to see some classifieds ads in your field of work too, to get an idea of what sorts of job openings might be around as well. Facebook, “City of ______” websites, and sites like twitter have a lot of information to offer on any city. For example, my lawyer suggested Surrey and Victoria for different options close to Van City itself.

3) Think about real estate in the area.

Do you want to rent or buy in your new country? It’s great to look into real estate opportunities for either choice. Some neighborhoods are more expensive than others, so be sure to be thorough in your search. If you’re set on living somewhere specific and it happens to be on the higher side of your price range, maybe think about renting for a little bit to see if it’s really worth the money to be exactly in the part of town. Maybe there’s a great area 5-10 minutes down the road?! I’m just saying, you never know what you might find.

Of course there are more things you want to keep in mind, like packing your stuff and deciding what stays and what you want to sell/throw out. The small list above are just 3 that I found really helpful for myself in this decision, and I’m hoping you might feel the same. Good luck to all in your future endeavors, and wish me luck on mine!

The Extent of my Journey: My Beard Trimmer

It is indeed my goal to find clarity in a chaotic world, and so there are few things I have that could be described as complicated. I like to think that I have very few, if any things of that nature.

What you might not know about me yet (this is all rather new, granted), is that I have had a beard for as long as I remember feeling like an adult. This is way before my shift in life to break through of the chaos and stop fearing it. This is back when I was the 9-5, cog in the wheel, rat race participant, useless tit that I used to be. The thing is, I’m not shaving my beard off.

It ties me to the past, sure. It’s unnecessary, sure. Further, it’s not just wild. I keep it nice and trimmed. That sounds totally insane…I mean, how much more nonsensical and unimportant could a task get? Why not just let my beard grow wild and remove having to cut it from my routine, simplifying my life?

It is part of me and it is how I enjoy looking. That’s it. In my life, there is not so much holier than thou prickishness to enjoy looking a certain way. It helps in one’s mind when one is pleased with his outer appearance. It’s his face to the world, it is how he is seen from Others, from the Outside. Why not take very great care to present it just right?

You see, I did consider how having a beard trimmer would harm my life. I used to have one of those drug store brand beard trimmers/hair clippers that was pretty clunky and pulled my hair and all the rest of it. When I had an epitome about the chaotic world and how to break free of it, I decided that one of the things I would replace is my trimmer. I hardly considered shaving off my entire beard, and knew very quickly I’d have to find a simple tool to keep the hair proper.

Enter Trym II.

I mean just look at it. How simple can you get? It’s perfectly crafted. It is like an Apple product in it’s delivery of simplicity and sexiness. It makes me happy and serene to use it every morning.

It works. It wasn’t that expensive. It’s tough. I mean, it just fits my life in so many ways.

And that is an interesting tidbit. The extent of my journey, as this entry is entitled. I have taken steps to make my life different in each and every facet of it. A simple thing like a facial hair sculptor. From my old Wahl multipurpose all in one unit to this marvelous, sleek, clean, and serene, calming new device.

If you want to stop fearing the chaos around you, simplify ALL aspects of your life, and when you think you’ve done it, look again with the starting point being the newest aspect you’ve just simplified. Continue on that path of comparison and relevance until you literally can’t think of how else to cut down and become more basic. By entering the lowest denominator, where all things are easy and simple, you can start to grow purposefully. That means going so far as getting a better beard trimmer – commit, and get it done. Be serious. These aren’t necessarily the best examples…very superficial:

Think deep and act deep.

Chaos in the workplace

I work in data and have a lot of file sharing and collaboration in the hours when I’m at work. This infographic might not be totally your thing, but I’m going to start collecting interesting pictures, videos, stories, etc. about chaos and how it affects life in many different ways. Ways you might not think about…

Anyway, here it is:

Click picture to zoom in.

Best meditation methods I’ve learned over the last 4 years

Our brains are inclined to want to fix things when chaos, or anything, for that matter, enters our lives. Chaos causes destruction and fear, distorts and changes lives. It triggers conflict, sensation and power. More importantly the opposite of chaos is calmness, stillness, harmony, and thus order. Our main objective is the above-mentioned emotions. We all desire a chaos-free life. Pursue a lifestyle to counteract chaos.

Minimalism is a belief of choice – a premeditated approval of things most valuable to us and the elimination of everything that diverts us from it. It is an opposing lifestyle with a conscious decision to follow it. On realizing that materialism was not adding value or joy to my life, I had the urge to minimize my personal effects. Minimalism is not a popular or pleasant outlook on life. Advertising campaigns lead us to believe that we need the best, fastest, newest and trendiest things, distracting us from more important things.

There is a glimpse of minimalist approach, with lists of place to find inspiration to this, is as follows:

  • Zen habits Archives – Zen habits are thought to be the most challenging, life-changing articles found on the Internet. The website has 5 years of blog posts to choose from, with an abundance of inspirations for each day.
  • Simplify your Life – blogs, quotes, images and links inspiring one to simplify our lives.
  • Twitter – minimalist tweet inspiration items constantly, daily.
  • Nature – take a break from the chaos and examine the astounding manner to live the decisive minimalist reality.
  • Minimalist Facebook – the page offers links to the latest articles and daily inspirational quotes.
  • Unclutterer – this blog is very insightful, with helpful ways of de-cluttering our life and home.
  • Simple Links – links and images gathered and posted on a frequent basis.

Below is a list of simple things to pursue for daily motivation:

  • Attitude – self-respect and respectful behavior towards others create consistent balance eradicating chaos, inclusiveness and open-mindedness.
  • Positive thought instead of negativity.
  • Simplify your life
  • Freedom of choice – we can choose to a live a life of stress or at peace.
  • Inner calmness.
  • Increase mental strengthen – the ability to analyze situations.
  • Improve emotional stability – enabling a person to think more clearly in uncomfortable circumstances.
  • Faith
  • Intellectual effectiveness and emotional stability.
  • Harmony with others and our surroundings.
  • Meditation
  • De-clutter your life.

I offer a challenge to simplify and de-clutter your life by reducing your personal possessions, from “want-to-have” to “must-have items.”

The challenge is to inspire you to get rid of the proverbial “white elephants,” free you from the load of sometime unnecessary items; it is enjoyable, help you realized what is necessary and what is a luxury and compelling you to keep things to a minimum requirement.

The bottom-line: After years of struggling with the issues encountered when chaos struck I found that the Biblical route was the best for me.

Why Fear Chaos

chaosSince the creation of humanity, the fear of chaos has been part of our lives. This is seen in Biblical times, chaotic fear experienced by Adam and Eve of God for eating the forbidden fruit, Noah and the Ark flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. God realized that the chaotic situation on earth was getting out of hand. Chaos is the fundamental idea of change, together with all that is experienced with the chaos. Chaos is experienced differently by each individual: what is a chaotic situation to me may not necessarily be chaotic to some else? It is created, to a degree, from a surplus amount of activity energy. Our thought life is also one of the main reasons for chaos. Chaos is inclined to distort and change things. Unfortunately, chaos can also be a cause of insanity. Involuntary effects are often times experienced as a result of chaos.

Interesting facts regarding the fear of chaos:

  • We are naturally creatures of chaos – order created by God provides us with freedom of choice, morality, justice and freedom.
  • The foundation of the universe is primal elements and the substance of chaos. Chaos is energy, power; sensation, destruction and all too often, conflict.
  • Mankind is prone to create chaos, but at the same time is afraid of not being in control. We are more than capable of doing something about it.
  • Chaos comes in all forms and very often we cannot forecast, acknowledge or control it. It is invariably a hugely unpredictable situation. The unknown is a scary thought for us as human beings and security is essential to us.
  • Humans are afraid of not being in control of a matter, which leads me to believe that chaos is not always the main issue. We are easily frustrated by not being in control. A lack of order promotes chaos.
  • As shown in a fighting/war scenario, we fight in groups for resources, which allow us to survive. We are all instinctively born with primal chaos.
  • We fear chaos as a result of the negativity and prefer to steer clear of it, for the most part.
  • Clutter/disorganization is a form of chaos, which disrupts order and security. We are not naturally chaotic beings; to the contrary, we create organized communities with rules and regulations for our benefit. We believe in “strength in numbers”, thus we form communities.
  • Chaos is confusing and uncontrollable energy.
  • Natural disasters including floods, hurricanes, tsunamis; serious illnesses, war, riots.
  • Grudge campaigns will cause bad results and chaos.
  • Chaos normally not as a result of one single incident, it is a culmination of a few simultaneous incidents.

Whether we like it or not: chaos is believed to be part of our lives. We are continuously being bombarded with negativity, which can cause chaos in our minds.

In conclusion: My perspective on all chaotic circumstances is that God is in control of all things and we can put our trust in Him and know that He is always with us even in times of chaos.

Inspiring Minimalism